changing language of gpg in windows terminal

After changing motherboard and cpu, I had to reload windows7-64 and all applications. For gpg4win, I used the same download file of v2.2.1 which I originally used - it was on a backup disk.

Kleopatra runs fine in English but when I open a window’s terminal and use the command line for gpg, the resulting output is in French with some garbled characters.

I’ve looked in the config files I can find but haven’t found anywhere to specify a language choice. Can any one please suggest where the change can be made ?

I don’t recall having such problem before reloading windows…

Usually this is done with environment variables.

What relation does your windows version have with French?

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Bernard, my Windows 7 o.s. was bought in France. All my applications are and have been installed in English. Sometimes it happens that a dialogue box is opened with some words in French (like yes or no buttons) but application generated material is always in English.

Before I had to reload windows, gpg4win was all in English - Kleopatra and command line stuff in a terminal. I never had to do anything special to have the terminal working in English before. But is that where you think an environment variable has to be set ?

AFAIK gnupg tries to determine the standard language.
So you seem to have a French version of windows, that at least explains
the French. :wink: (It would have been worrying if a Spansch version of windows
gives you French. >;))

To get technical (just ignore it, if you feel insecure about it):

The code to determine the locale seems to be in libgpg-error, here is
the most recent version:;a=blob;f=src/w32-gettext.c;hb=HEAD

(When building this yourself, you could run w32-gettext to see the output.)
Checking the function my_nl_locale_name(), it seems that you can use the following
environment variables on windows:
“LC_ALL”, “LANG”, and whatever category is used.

The used function call if no envirionment variable is found is GetThreadLocale ()
from the win31 api. And microsoft in its documentation says that it could also
return a “custom locale”. So with more insights someone can try to find out
from microsoft why this call possibly returns the French locale.
(If you do not have any environment variables, that is, of course.)

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Bernard, you were quite right with your hint about environmental variables. I don’t remember having set up the original Windows7 installation especially for English but I must have done so.
I’ve found the variables and modified as necessary. In terminal, gpg now talks to me in English.
Thanks for your help.