Changing Expiration Date on Keys

I don’t believe there is a way to change the expiration date for a key and its subkeys from within Kleopatra. It will only change the primary key. I vaguely remember reading that the next version of GPG4Win will be able to do this.

Is that correct? If so any ETA on it?

I think Enigmail can change both the primary key and the subkeys. If I use that would that cause any issues with Kleopatra? I assume I would need to re-import the key into it and any other program that uses it plus re-upload it to any keyserver?


Hi Mark,
you probably refer to this thread

And thus ⚓ T4717 Kleopatra: Changing expiry does not change expiry for subkeys, which is not scheduled in detail for 3.2,
but the roadmap on Gpg4win/Roadmap - GnuPG wiki suggests that improvements are coming with the next release.

Best Regards,

Hi Berhnard,

Yes that first thread is where I first saw about the issue of it only changing the expiration date of the primary key. After looking around in Enigmail it looks like it will change both the expiration date for both theprimary and secondary keys.

I couldn’t really tell from the links (roadmap) links when that will be added in GPG4Win. So, if I update those dates in the key in Enigmail, would I then have to re-import that key back into Kleopatra as well as re-uploading it to the keyservers?


Hi Mark,

last time I’ve tried Enigmail, it used Gpg4win, and thus, if you’d change something on your key, it would be saved with the same crypto-backend. So all application using the crypto backend GnuPG would profit from the change.

Note that you can use the command line to extend the expiration dates for your keys
with the executabel gpg. The detailed, technical manual is here

Using --edit-key, you can change each subkey’s expiration date separately.