certs imported into Kleopatra with one win user account not visible to others

Hi, we have 2 user accounts on our Windows 2008 R2 server, both of which are in the servers’ Windows administrators group.
One of the users is used by our application admin team (call it appadmin), and the other by the development team (call it appdev).
The appadmin user is the one normally used to manage certificates - import, delete, etc, but the appdev team needs to also be able to see and work with these certificates.

After installation of pgp4win and the import of some certificates into Kleopatra with the appadmin user on the above server, the developers cannot see these certificates when logged in to the server console with the appdev account.
How can we ensure that any Windows account that needs access to the imported certificates can see them in Kleopatra, rather than just the user account that imported the certificate? We need this ability.
Thanks for any assistance.

In the past I’ve been able to export the keys using the the appadmin account and import the keys using the appdev account. It is twice the effort but it works.

Thanks for your reply. So do you mean, in effect, we would have to login to the Windows server and import these certs twice, while logging in as each windows user in turn?