Certificates Not Adding

Hi, when i add a certificate the dialog pops up saying that one certificate has been added:

Detailed results of importing C:/Users/X/Desktop/key.asc:
Total number processed:

However, upon entering recipient or even checking all imported certificates, nothing new has been process and the only certificates visible is my own public key.

Whatever caused this doesn’t seem to be apparent as this happened within 5 minutes after encrypting a message.

FIX Found on: https://dev.gnupg.org/T4159# post by aheinecke, who said:

This is the underlying cause. The internal storage of gnupg is corrupted.

As a workaround you can rename the folder “%APPDATA%\gnupg” to something line %APPDATA%\gnupg-old
Then it should work. (%APPDATA% expands to something like c:\users\your_user_name\appdata\roaming\ )

Rare bug caused by deleting an excess of secret keys quickly.