Certificate name with blanks

I am running an SSIS package that Encrypts and sends file to an FTP site. The package works as long as the cert. has no blanks in the name.

Work string:
–recipient xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --encrypt-files test.txt

None Work String:
–recipient xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx --encrypt-files test.txt

The issue is how the vendor a bank created the cert. Of course they will not change anything.

I there a way to create the sting so that it see the name with blanks?

Is there a way to rename my version of cert in Kleo is I can link the string to it?

Hi Stan,
there are several ways to select a single certificate (see the corresponding version of your installation of https://www.gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gnupg/Specify-a-User-ID.html)

Then on a command shell, you can usually make several words to be interpreted
as one single parameter by using some “quoting”, e.g. try
–recipient “xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx” --encrypt-files test.txt

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Tried that. It did not work.