Certificate expired but it was created as Never


I have a public key generated using Symantec PGP desktop.
Expiry was set to never. However GPG4Win indicates that the key expired. I attached my public key.

Is there a compatibility problem?

Hope you can help.


Alvin-John PAGENTE.asc (31.6 KB)


I believe someone here had this problem before. I think there may be some problem with GPG reading expiration dates of keys generated elsewhere.

However IIRC, the fix is simple. Open the command prompt and type:

gpg --edit-key [main key ID]

…then, at the gpg prompt type:


GPG should tell you that you are about to change the expiry of the main key and present you with a list of options. Just type “0” to set the expiry to “never”. If you want to change the expiry for a subkey, at the gpg prompt simply type:

key [N]

…where [N] is the number of the subkey you want to change. You will see an asterisk next to the subkey you are editing. When you are done editing, at the gpg prompt type “save” and that should be it. (You may also have to type “quit” to get out of the editor, I can’t remember off the top of my head.) For more commands, type “help” at the gpg prompt.

Hope this works for you. If not, I’m not sure what else you can do.

Sean C.