Can't read forwarded email

I have an issue reading forwarded encrypted email.

A send and encrypted email to B (using B key)
B opens the email, decrypts it with the Outlook plugin and can read it
B forwards the email to C
C can’t read the email

So I clicked on “decrypt permanently” in order to forward it decrypted, but the body of the permanently decrypted email is completely blank.

Can you assist, please?

issue sounds like this one:
Andre has been informed, pls add informations about your system, mailclient, versions and so on .
Tnals in advance,
regards Chris

Actually there are 2 issues:

  1. “C” can’t read the email
  2. permanently decrypted email are blank

Windows 10 PRO
Outlook 2013
GPG4WIN 3.1.11