Can't import a certificate from key server

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In Kleopatra, I can “Lookup on server” and find a certificate in the server. I select the certificate and press “IMPORT”. After that a pop up appears but with the message "Total number processed:0 " and “Imported: 0”.
I noticed that nothing was imported to the Kleopatra.
But if I use the command line (gpg --keyserver --search-keys XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX …) is possible to import the certificate.
How can I import certificates from the server with the Kleopatra? What would be the problem here?

Thank you for your help.

In the menu settings:
directory services in the field “OpenPGP keyserver” put “hkp://servername/”
In GnuPGSystem → separator OpenPGP → “Use keyserver at” put “hkp://servername/”.
In GnuPGSystem → separator Network → “Use keyserver at URL” put “hkps://servername:11371”.

Should work.

Hello Fabio,

as Kleopatra uses GnuPG as its engine, I don’t know where the difference is.
(The dialog could be better of course to show what the reason is why a certificate is not imported.)

If you like, you could email the keyserver and public key in question to and I could try.
(if you do not want to publish the public key here.)

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Hello Bernhard,

thank you for your answer.
I already solved the problem doing this configurations in Settings->configure kleopatra:
Separator “directory services” in the field “OpenPGP keyserver” put
In separator “GnuPGSystem” → separator OpenPGP → “Use keyserver at” put
after that it works fine.
Just need to put the URL address and not an IP address.

Thank you.

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Hello Bernhard,

just to update this question.

if I put in the configurations in Settings->configure kleopatra the url like this:

It will not be possible to import the certificate.

But if I put like this:

The problem will be solved.

So, the problem appears when we specify the port and not the protocol.
The same with the https.
If I put “http://servername:443
It will not work well,

but if we insert the protocol like this

should work fine.



thanks for the feedback!

I wonder if this should be reported as a minor problem.
(There seems to be a small usability problem,.)