Can't decrypt after computer reinstall


before PC reinstall I exported certificate, after reinstall imported back and when I try to decrypt file it’s not decrypting I even not get windows for passphrase. What I did wrong? I need to create new certificate ?

Hi Tom,

In order to help you, I need to ask you some questions:

What Version of Windows did you use? What exactly did you export? What Version of Gpg4win did you use? Did you try it with our latest beta ( How did you try to decrypt it (console? kleoptra? right-click on file?) How big is the file? How was the file encrypted? Is there an error message after the the pinentry-window for the passphrase?

Best wishes,

I used 2.3.4 version. File is not big, simple pdf file. I tried ti decrypted by right click on the file. I exported certificate in kleopatra, just selected it and choose export same with import pushed import and selected certificate. Later I can attach that error because another employee is using it I just reinstalled PC and Kleopatra.

I have the feeling, that you have just your public key imported (and unfortunately exported in first place). Can you open up a command line window and type in “gpg -K” (without the "). If it shows your key, you have your private key correctly imported.