Can't activate GPGOL or OPP


I’m facing an issue with an user’s machine, I can’t activate GPGOL or Outlook Privacy Plugin.
For the first one, I have an error message (cf attachment). If I open an administrator session, I can activate it but once I return on the user’s session, it still desactivated.
For OPP, even if I check the box on Outlook, it don’t stay on.

I tried desinstallation/reinstallation but of course it doesn’t work.
An other user openned its session on the same PC and had the same problem.

We use Windows 7 SP1 with Office 2007 SP3 Pro Plus (Outlook 12.0.6785.5000), GPG4Win 2.3.3 and OPP BETA 56.

Can you help me please ?




neither Office 2007 nor Gpg4win-2.3.3 is anymore supported by us. The minimal outlook version is 2010 (14).

Sorry but please update. There is no sense in doing secure Mail in completely end of life products that are insecure by definition.

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