Cannot sent encrypted document in email 'no secret key detected'

Hi, we have to use Kleopatra to send documents to a certain client. We all have this set up and it works without issue. However, we have a new member of staff and every time she encrypts a document and tries to email it to the client it won’t sent as ‘no secret key is detected’

After uninstalling/reinstalling, I eventually backed up the secret key from my kleopatra, email it to her, imported it, certified it etc and managed to send a successfully encrypted document. But now it’s just reverted back to saying ‘no secret key detected’. I cannot locate ANY differences between my Kleopatra set-up and hers and she cannot do her job without being able to do this. I’m completely lost as to what to do.

Any help would be AMAZING.

Hi Anna,

which email client are you using?

One way to find out more is the use the command line “gpg” operations together with diagnostic options. For encryption a key should not be needed at all anyway.
It is recommended for signing of course, but then it should be a personal secret key.

So the question is why is a secret key access requested.


As far as sending any encrypted email to your client is concerned, your secret key is not needed, because you will be encrypting any email/document you send to him with client’s public key. He would need his secret key to decrypt it. If your employee is encrypting emails to be sent to client on their own computer, then he/she would also need to have imported the client’s public key to encrypt.