Cannot Open Attachments From GpgOL

Hi All,

We use Outlook 2010 on W7 64 bit.

Installed Gpg4win v2.2.1 with Kleopatra v2.2.0 and created a public key. This was sent to the requester, who then sent an encrypted email; with attachments. From the GpgOL tab, the email decrypted, but the attachments stayed encrypted. I tried the decrypt button and it downloaded a *.pgp file, but it still would not decrypt.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

The new Gpgol (for Outlook 2010 or higher) only has basic encryption support.
It cannot do attachments (aka MIME).

If you can, save the attachements as fileas with .gpg and decrypt them via Kleo.

Morning Bernhard,

Thank you for your reply. I will try as you suggest.

Kind regards