Cannot get Adele to respond correctly -- new user of GPG4Win Outlook

I installed GPG4Win on my Win7 (64-bit) SP1. Everything went well. I created my key pair, and exported the key pair and the public key successfully. I also ran the self-test and everything confirmed OK.

Then I created sent a new email in Outlook (2007), to: adele, with my public key as attachment. I got a response from Adele, saying:

“The following email is rejected because the correctness of the address given has not been confirmed yet.”

The full email is attached. I’ve done this over a dozen times, with no change in response. I’ve also tried embedding the public key as part of the email message, and configured Outlook to send mail strictly in plain text, and not HTML. But they do not seem to make a difference.

Would appreciate any tip, advice or suggestion. Many thanks.

Response from ADELE.pdf (43 KB)

Hi Ramon,

sorry to hear that Adele is giving you problems.
Unfortunately we cannot fix Adele easily, please see the details at:

Best Regards,

Dear Bernhard,

My sincerest thanks for your response. I thought that the error emails I was getting back was due to some mistake on my part.

If the Adele robot service is not “fixable”, and isn’t working, won’t it be to everyone’s advantage to advertise this clearly on the GPG4Win Support Forum, so that people who are reading the GPG4WIN manual – which instructs the user to send emails to Adele for testing – will not be “working in the dark” and posting unnecessary complaints on the Support website?

Just a suggestion.

Best regards and thanks again.


Hi Ramon,

yes you are right, we should add a warning to the manual.
(In the past Adele has been working for some people, so we left it in when we reworked the compendium the last time

Best Regards and thanks for the feedback!