Can t encrypt/sign an empty massage."

Hello, for several users we have a problem with the fact that Cleopatra in Outlook starts reporting to them the message: “Can t encrypt/sign an empty massage.” Outlook has the latest version.
They use version 4.2.0 and 4.0.0, Emails are hosted on exchange online. It does this for all encrypted messages we want to send.

Can you please help us solve this problem?
Thank you.

Which Outlook are they using? Outlook 365 or a different one?

Are other addins installed? They may cause problems. Please take a look at the list of incompatible addins.

we use M365. we arent use incompatible plugins…

You could enable logging in GpgOL and share the logging files here so that we can try to find the cause for this problem.

Thanks. Does this happen to all encrypted emails or only emails with

Is the option “Send OpenPGP mails without attachments as PGP/Inline” in
the settings of GpgOL enabled?

And you said that the problem occurs only for “several users”. Do you
have an idea what could be different on their systems?

The problem is with all emails. Send OpenPGP emails without attachments as PGP/Inline” in the settings of GpgOL is enabled.

These users have more than one e-mail box

Can try it again after disabling the option “Send OpenPGP mails without attachments as PGP/Inline”? Does the problem still occur then?

As you have opened ⚓ T6775 GPG cant decrypt message trying to solve it on forum gnupg let us analyze this there. I am pretty sure that another addin is responsible for this, which might not yet be on the list of included incompatible addins.

Your log is actually from GnuPG itself and does not help at all, we need the GpgOL log. I am unsure how you were unable to follow this TroubleShooting/LoggingWithGpgOL - GnuPG wiki and send us gpg logs instead.