caching passphrase

I have GPA O.9.0, GnuPG 2.0.12. I have used PGP for Windows in the past and there was a way to cache the passphrase for decrypting for like 24 hours. I can’t find any way to do that with this program. If I do several files in rapid succession the passphrase works but if I wait a few minutes between decrypting, I have to reenter the passphrase. Can someone please tell me how to set the cache for the passphrase or is it even possible with this program. Thanks very much.


You can set Expire cached PINs after N seconds in the Kleopatra configuration and also in GPA in the backend config under default-cache-ttl

I am having some issues getting it to work correctly, do I need to re-boot for it to take effect ?

Windows XP Pro.


Thank you, I will try that. I don’t know about the rebooting issue. You should maybe ask that as a separate issue?