Cache passphrase not working

Using WinPT 1.0.0pre1.

I can not seem to get the cache passphrasing to work at all.
Have used the “WinPT Preferences” / “Cache passphrases for ‘n’ minutes” field without result.

Is there something else (obvious?) that I’m missing?

On XP Pro, primarily with Eudora (EudoraGPG_V2.0_EN plugin) - but it does not cache when encrytping/decrypting local files either.

I’ve seen talk of gpg-agent, but not any useable info/download for end-user use. Do I need it?

I’m guessing it’s a oft-repeated insight, but the inability to cache passphrases encoumbers the process to the point of…


I found a registy setting that helped:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\EudoraGPG\RememberPassword = 1
(was 0)

I don’t see that configurable anywhere - the
Eudora plugin is “sold separately” from WinPT/GPG.