CaCert Wot gpg certificate

I have certificate issued by CaCert listed in Kleopatra.

I do not remember how issue a new one.

Whenever I issue a new Cacert then it will be X.509 type and I cannot import as OpenPGP into enigmail.

Anyway there is a way to convert X.509 to OpenPGP ?


Please have a look to the scree shot I attached.



Hi, Dan!

All CACert X.509 certificates are created at the website.
You can’t create an “OpenPGP” certificate.

PGP and X.509 certificates are completely separate technologies.

To create PGP compatible keys you need something like GPG (command line), or GPG4Win (if you’re on Windows). You can find links to such clients here.

Hi Kim,
thanks for answering me.
But then why I do see those CaCert WoT User pgp keys?
You may see them in the imagine I attached.


I’m guessing (I am sure) they are actually real OpenPGP keys that you created using another tool. They are not certificates.

What I find strange is that you haven’t got your real name in those keys. You have instead that CAcert WoT user. It should say your real name.

If you right-click such an OpenPGP key/cert, you will see that you can edit the User IDs, something which you can’t do with the real CAcert certificate.

So they are keys?
As you may see in the attached imagine, the user-id is CaCert WoT User and I cannot edit it.
I wonder how I created them?
I forgot it.
Many thanks.


Click the second tab “User IDs & Certifications”.
You should be able to click “Add” and add your name as a User Id.

Maybe you have once followed one of these old guides.

You seem to have created PGP keys and not set them to use your real name.

It also looks like you haven’t been assured 50 points to have your real name included in your CAcert certificate. That I must recommend you do.

Probably that’s it.
Thanks anyhow and happy new year!