beta259 never completes install

Seems just sit there, stuck. Using very little, if any CPU.
Windows 10 CU (15063).


Ok, if you manually close all related services and processes, then the install works. So, someone needs to look into the install program.

Dear Kim,
thanks for trying beta259, can you say which services you had
to close to make the install work?

Did you try the install with administration rights or as users?

Best Regards,

Sorry, Bernhard, I don’t remember them,
But they were obviously gpg-related when I saw them in Taskman.

Sorry for the late reply.

Which version did you have installed previously before updating.

What the installer does is that it calls the uninstall program of the previous version before installing the new version. This hangs in your screenshot. So the problem is in the uninstaller of the previous version.

Checking the beta page, it looks like I downloaded 215 last.
At least with this browser.

beta 273 installed without a problem.