beta-1.9.2 w OL/2007 & Exchange

I’ve had the same problem with 1.9.[012] – it works well reading messages from other users. However, I cannot get it to Send a message via the Exchange server.

Whenever I sign a message, when I click Send, nothing happens. If I encrypt a message, sometimes I get prompted to pick the key for the recipient, sometimes I get prompted for my passphrase.

But, the message never will get sent.

On occassion, I can get Outlook to send a message, but sending it via an IMAP/SMTP account that is also defined in Outlook.

Is there anything I can enable to see what is going on – why it won’t send?
How much focus is on OL2007 compatibility at the moment?

In the german “Durchblicker” manual
installed with Gpg4win 1.9 you will find
hints in chapter 17 how to enable gpgol log file. And other logging.

Perhaps it helps even if you do unterstand


I still see the problem with Beta 1.9.8.


BTW: Does it make sense to open a issue in the tracker ?

…and in 1.9.9 beta. Does anybody know of ANY Outlook 2007 implementations of GPG that work? Or does anybody know of any tips/hints (Even low level) to get GPGol to work with OL2007

Gpg4win 1.9.x (with GpgOL) runs on Outlook2003 and 2007. Please test the current gpg4win beta version.

Currently (with 1.9.12-beta) there are some problems with GpgOL and Exchange. We are working on it…


I’ve had some beta version installed at home in Outlook 2007 and it seems to work.

Noticed this thread today, so I installed it on a test machine at work.
I have 1.9.13 and wanted to let you know, I am also not able to send encrypted messages via Exchange.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread for updates, or please feel free to contact me directly for any testing you would like to see.

Actually I am able to use 1.1.3 to successfully encrypt and decrypt messages on OL2007.

The real question is how to add an outlook exchange ID to an existing key? Is this something 1.9.2 does?

I can encrypt and decrypt with OL2007 too, just as long as I am not in an exchange environment.

I’m not sure what you mean by adding an exchange ID to an existing key

I have exactly the same problem as mentioned. Using Outlook 2007 with gpg4win 1.9.15 (beta) I can decrypt messages but I cannot sign or encrypt them. I am prompted to enter passphrase when encrypting a message, however it just goes back to the unencrypted view of the new message when finished.

Any idea when this might be looked at?