Automatically open Decrypted files

I am getting the hang of using GpgOL with Outlook and everything seems to be working well.
At the moment, if there is an encrypted attachment to the encrypted email, and I double click on it,
Kleopatra launches and helps decrypt the document. I can select the folder that I want to save this file.
Is there a way to actually go one step further, i.e. decrypt and then “open” the file ? i.e. if it was an encrypted PDF, instead of just saving the file, but to also invoke the default PDF application and actually open it ?

Maybe there is a workaround ?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi T,

as far as I know: If there is not direct way of opening an attachment,
then it is likely to stay this way for now.

I can think of two reasons
a) security, an extra step makes you think more and opening a file can be dangerous
b) if it was an encrypted archive, it could have been more than one file
c) you may not know where the file was saved at