Automatic installation of Gpg4win 3.1.15 with powershell

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to install kleopatra/GPG4Win using powershell, giving the destination path and defining all installation settings in advance (using an .ini file), just like explained here:

I used such instruction in powershell:
gpg4win-3.1.15.exe /S /C=C:\TEMP\gpg4win.ini /D=C:\Programme\Gpg4win
But the “Standard configuration files” (bellow) are not being considered…
; Standard configuration files.
gpg.conf = D:\config\gpg-site.conf
dirmngr.conf = D:\config\dirmngr-site.conf

I installed with an older version, version 2.2.0, and worked. But with the most recent version doesn’t work.

Anybody know why and how to solve?

Thank you.




this works completely different nowadays. Under %ProgramData%\GNU\etc\GnuPG\ you can place files like gpg.conf and gpg-agent.conf etc. that will be the system default. There are also options like force or ignore and so on.

As this is something for institutions and we are trying to finance our ongoing development support and maintenance of the free Software through contracts for institutions this is kind of stuff that is more that we would help you with through consultanty work through If you are interested in an SLA with us please drop a mail to

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Hi Andre,

Thank you for your answer.
I understand you but I’m not an institution and I can’t make a maintenance contract.
If you could help me at least pointing me some website or documentation to help me solving my problem, I would thank you.

Best regards,


Hi Fabio,
can you explain your use case in more detail?
(In my mental mode, doing an automatic installation is something that you’d need if you install several workplaces. So I’m curious. Maybe we’ll also find something different to help your case.)


Hi Bernhard,

it just an academic project/idea that I’m working on. I need to build something useful and real and this project seems to be very interesting.
In the first hand in a virtualized environment but maybe later I will implement with some machines with a centralized key system. In the end I need to prove the usefulness of a system like this.


Hi Fabio,

things to try and to do research is always a good idea. :slight_smile:

There are two possibilities:
a) look into the source code of the components and ask for the parts that you
do not understand about the new global configuration options.
(They probably are not in the installer alone, as far as I know.)
b) briefly state your academic project concretely, and ask Andre directly
if he has some hints for your about the (upcoming) installer options.
(Background: We all like to foster and help research, however there are so many
possibly group and people, that we cannot support each one individually.)

All the best for your idea,