Automate file encryptation and server

Good morning, I have a few questions that I need to be answered that aren’t regagrded in the compendium.
1- Is it possible to automate the generation of a key and file encryptation into a daily routine, meaning that I want that everyday a new key is generated and files are encrypted and I want to know if its possible to do that in Kleopatra.
2 - Is there a command window for Kleopatra/GPG4Win?
3 - Is there a version for Windows Server or RedHat or only the desktop (Windows 10 or below) versions?

Thank you.

Hi Tomas,

Kleopatra is a graphical frontend (partly for experts) to the crypto engine called GnuPG.

re 1:
Automation is possible, but should not happen with Kleopatra, but with command line calls or using the GPGME API. For example you could call “gpg --quick-gen-key” each day (and use a private key without passphrase).

re 2:
There is no command windows, but you can the general command line,
see for example

re 3:
Gpg4win works on Windows Server as well. (As the name suggests, this is the official version for Microsoft operating system only). For RedHat’s GNU/Linux systems both Kleopatra and the crypto engine GnuPG are available, too. I’d expected GnuPG to come with RHEL and CentOS directly, where Kleopatra (which is optional of course as GUI) I’d expect it to be packaged where other Free Software applications from KDE are packaged.

I hope I could answer your questions for good! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,