auto-dissolving SMIME recipients


auto-dissolving OpenPGP recipients works.

But how to dissolve SMIME recipients? It seems that the auto dissolving only works for OpenPGP…

Hi Zigg,
you’d need some ldap servers configured, that actually have the pubkeys you are looking for.
(The last part is the problem. :wink: ).


I dont understand why I need ldap servers.

The OpenPGP-plugin only has to search if the SMIME keys (private+public)
are imported in Kleopatra in order to send automatically via SMIME as it can do for OpenPGP.

Ah, you were referring to automatically use S/MIME if there are good pubkeys for it.
(I’ve missunderstood you, believing you would want to find and download missing pubkeys).

Sounds like an interesting idea. :slight_smile:

So there is no solution for this at the time?

Mh,… I wonder why this does not work for you.

For S/MIME we don’t yet have the super quick Auto resolution inside of GpgOL, but If the Option autoresolve recipients is set it should not show the dialog if everything is resolvable through S/MIME.

I’ll test it later to check if this does work as intended.

I have made a lot of tests. For me it does only work for PGP, not for SMIME.

…sometimes the program seems to cache the password and it works. But especially at the FIRST email the dialog OpenPGP/SMIME appears even if SMIME-cert are imported for both sender and receiver

Yes I can confirm that it does not work as intended. Opened

I thought I had tested this (and I’m still pretty sure it worked at some point).

Then I am happy to tell you news.

Thanks for your support.


I noticed that you created a patch for Linux. Is there also a patch for Windows available?


It’s the same code used for Windows and Linux. A Gpg4win release with this patch will come soon.

How to patch this manually in windows?

I can find no such file “keyresolver.cpp” in any Gpg4win-subfolder.


The patch is to the source code. Gpg4win contains the binaries which are compiled from this source code. Building Gpg4win from sources is complicated. There is some documentation on our homepage but I would not recommend it if you do not have prior experience with compiling native code.

It would be very nice from you to get the patch very soon.

Is there a chance for me to get the windows-patch as a kind of “daily update”?

I mean is there a pre-release with the patch included available?

Maybe as a link or via email?

I am very interested in this patch.


We wanted to release, like yesterday :wink: so we don’t have Betas or development versions published. Sadly we are still finding issues around the whole CRL / OCSP theme from the other topics here. But I really think that we will get a release out this week.

That would be great.