application for android or ios

Good morning, I wanted to ask if you have an application for android or ios to open the files encrypted by gpg4win? If so, what would it be?

Hi Rafae,

as Gpg4win uses the OpenPGP and tar standards (for files and directories), other applications can implement this.

OpenKeyChain with one of the file managers from Fdroid linke from here should work:

For iOS I don’t know the details, maybe can do it?

Best Regards,

I tried for the openkay chain, when I select the file encrypted with Gpg4win and it returns the following message “no valid key found in the file / clipboard”
All applications that I search for on android work and with PGP, which would be another type of protocol it seems. I did not find and none for GPG.

Hi Rafae,
as far as I understand, you need to use one of the mentioned file managers
(which in the backgroup use openkeychain). Of course, when using OpenPGP encryption, you’d also need to have imported the private key material to the Android device in order to decrypt.


Now I understand why it didn’t work, I just took the encrypted file, even though I had both recommended applications installed. I used the setting - encrypted with password: Anyone you share the password with will be able to read the data. And I unchecked the other options.