AllowSetForegroundWindow The parameter is incorrect

Hi all,
We recently migrated to Windows Server 2019 Standard from Windows 2008 Server. Kleopatra was working fine in the old server. When trying to decrypt the pgp files on the new server, the decryption failed and the error shows “gpg: AllowSetForegroundWindow(4364) failed: The parameter is incorrect.”
Why did the command work in 2008 but not 2019? Is there anything to update to fix the error?


Hi Jenny,
We are having similar problem as yours, looks a pop up needs to show but it is blocked someone, we are trying to fix as well if any updates please share


what is the actual failure?

The allow set foreground window message can be safely ignored, this is only about that the password entry dialog might not open in the foreground. But the Dialog should open anyway.

So there must be another error if it does not work for you.

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