After selecting certificate for encryption nothing happens

Hi all,

I seemed to get on quite well - I created cert, I received, imported it and can receive and decrypt messages.

But when I try to encrypt one , after pop up with correct cert already selected shows up. I click OK and nothing happens :frowning: Sometimes New message window looses moves to the back of Outlook window, but that’s about it. Email is not being sent and no encryption progress is showing up.

Any help most appreciated.

Windows 7 x86, Outlook 2007.

Are you using Exchange by chance? If so, it is not supported for Outlook 2007.

You can check if the cert you are trying to encryt to if fully trusted.
Of try (as diagnostic method) to encrypt to it on the command line
gpg -e -r 0x12345678 hello.txt

Aother idea is to turn on the debugging for gpgol, see the manual for this.

Sounds like the problem i was having Daniel, which isn’t actually a problem.
Does it change to content of the email into what looks like you PGP key? Mine did which is actually encrpyting the message