After decrypting: images are lost, hyperlinks look weird (outlook 2010)

Hi all.

I am using gpg4win-2.3.3 with outlook 2010
if i have images and hyperlinks in an html email in outlook 2010 and encrypt it and decrypt it, the images are gone and hyperlinks look strange.

lets say i add hyperlink:
to a mail and encrypt it. after decrypting it looks like this:

images are gone. all i see is something weird like this:

is this normal? is html / hyperlinks or images not well supported?


Gpg4win-2.3.3 does not support HTML Mails and embedded images either sending or receiving. As most mails are multipart/alternative with either an HTML representation or a text representation it will always pick the text part which may look weird.

We’ve fixed / implemented that for GpgOL 2.0 that will be shipped in Gpg4win-3.0.
GpgOL can now send and receive stuff like this:

If you like to experiment you can replace your gpgol.dll in your gpg4win installation directory (while outlook is shut down) with the latest one from

We are working hard on a good 3.0 installer containing such a version.


Ok, thank you very much for the information!