Adding options to gpg.conf

I need some help in the proper positioning of additional options within the gpg.conf file. Specifically, I want to add the “pgp8” option if that makes any difference.

My file right now contains only the default options, within a block starting on line 2 (line 1 is blank) that says it was created by GPGConf. The trailing comment indicates that GPGConf will not change anything below these lines, but anything above may be subject to change by GPGConf. So I added the line “pgp8” (without quotes) as the next line in the file, after this comment block.

However, it seems to have no effect. When I encrypt from the command line and include the “–pgp8” option it works fine. When I use the GUI, it does not (see below for definition of “works fine”).

Thanks for your advice in getting this option into the correct position so the GUI encryption will utilize it.


Works Fine - I have a recipient who is using PGP 9. When I encrypt with their key using the GUI, when they decrypt they are presented with a “save as” dialog and the string “-&12” as the suggested filename. They can type in the name they want and the decryption completes properly.

When I encrypt using the command line and including the --pgp8 option, they do not get the Save As dialog on their end when decrypting; the file simply decrypts to its original name without the .pgp extent. This is the desired behavior.