Add sha512sum.exe to Gpg4win

If it not a big job, could someone please add sha512sum.exe
to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gpg4win\bin.

Currently it contains md5sum.exe, sha1sum.exe and sha256sum.exe.
It is getting more common to see sha512sum being used on some sites.
I use the included sum programs at the command line in Windows 7.

Thank You

Try this at the prompt:

C:\Users\Owner\Documents>CertUtil -hashfile example_file.asc sha512

For the record the ticket for this is sorry I didn’t get around to it yet. I would like to use the same code for this as GnuPG does to have an optimized implementation without redundancies, so this is a slightly bigger job then just grabbing some sha256sum code from somewhere.

You can also use:

gpg --print-md sha256

But it’s clunky as it can’t check hashfiles and has a different format.

Thank you Andre. I can do it other ways manually, but having the exe files that can process hashfiles etc is a nice option that allows me to save canned commands I paste into a Take Command session.