Add additional options to GPG when encrypting using GUI

Is there a way, when using the GUI, to customise additional options to be passed on the the GPG binary. For example, I’d like teo be able specify options like —compress-algo or --cipher-algo

Is this possible, is there a config file that could be configured?


I think I’ve solved my problem, by creating “%appdata%\Roaming\gnupg\gnupg.conf” and adding, as an example:

personal-compress-preferences none

Hi Andy,
yes, using one of the configuration files is the usual way to give additional options to the GnuPG crypto backend.


Just to clarify the file is named “gpg.conf” and not “gnupg.conf”

The most important options for that can also be set in Kleopatra settings under “GnuPG System” tab.