64-bit version of Gpg4win

Hello, I noticed that Gpg4win is currently 32-bit x86 only. Are there any plans for a 64-bit version? I would greatly appreciate it.

In general I try to run native software whenever possible, so I’d rather run x86_64 version of Gpg4win on my x86_64 machine instead of the 32-bit x86 version. Additionally, on Windows for ARM, 64-bit x86 can be emulated much faster than 32-bit x86, and I’d like to run Gpg4win on there too.

Also, this is kind of niche and not my use case but it’s worth mentioning: 32-bit software is not usable on some modern Windows systems such as Windows Nano Server.

Hi Aaron,

so far a 64bit version of all of Gpg4win not necessary. It would just complicate our build and testing procedures for very little gain. Of course we are open to arguments (and potentially help).

I am not sure about ARM (if this is used somewhere) and Windows Nano,
maybe you can expand if and why the are useful targets for Gpg4win and why the current builds are not working on them.

Best Regards,