Unable to transfer decrypted directories to an other hard disk partition

Hi !

First of all, thanks for your tool!
My hard disk has two partition : C:/ contains my system & program files and D:/ only contains my personnal files.

Due to this, I mostly encrypt directories in D:/ with kleopatra (kleopatra’s files are in C:/).

At the decryption step, kleopatra is unable to create the decrypted directory in D :

=> the decryption works : the decrypted folder is located in c:/users/appdata/temp/…
=> at the end of the step, kleopatra displays an error saying it is impossible to move the decrypted folder to the place required.

This bug only occurs when I try to decrypt folders. It works fine with files.

I hope i have been explicit enough. Sorry for the language, i don’t speak/write english often enough :frowning:


Indeed, I can reproduce the problem.
Thanks for your report. I’ve opened a development ticket for this https://dev.gnupg.org/T3547 and will look into it.

I’ve implemented a fix. Will be shipped with the next version.

Sorry for the problem and thanks for the report.

Thanks a lot for this fast answer!