Trust Level "Updating"

I was using Kleopatra to search for a key on the keyserver. It did find it but it listed “Updating” for the Trust Level. What does that mean?

I blocked out the other details of the key in the screenshot but left the part I was wondering about.


updating key.jpg


When certificate details are used Kleopatra requests from the GnuPG backend a full validity check of the Key or S/MIME certificate.

For OpenPGP this can trigger an update of the trustdb to check all the Web of Trust connections for the key so I added the “updating…” state.

With unknown certificates before they are imported that cannot work though. So the updating… there is an error. It should show “unknown”.

I’ll fix it right away so that I don’t forget about it.


Should be fixed with the next version.

Thanks… I had never seen that before and didn’t see mention of it in the docs so wasn’t sure what was going on with it…