Image is missing from PGPexch.htm.pgp

Hi Bernhard,

I really really really appreciate what you have done!!
And thank you for the prompt response all the time.

If you need someone to give the fix a try, please let me know.
(In case I may not visit this webpage for a while, you can find me by personal email).

Thank you for also providing a workaround before the problem is fixed. I’ve learned something from you for being considerate on this topic.

(If I really need the complete decrypted email with images embedded, I will ask my colleague who has the last Symantec license to forward the decrypted mail to me.
I believe I will not bother him frequently within those weeks.)


Hi Acme,

you are welcome!

And I thank you as well, as we need people that help us understand where Gpg4win can be made better. (Our goal of course is to allow communication and be compatible, if we can.)!

(Take note that our work is partly funded by those who chose to pay/donate for Gpg4win.)

Best Regards,

Hi Bernhard,

Totally understood.
As a first step, I will suggest more people in my company to use GPG4win.
The more people using it, the higher possibilities the company will choose to pay/donate for GPG4win.