Can't decrypt message received in Outlook 2016

Hi Jorge,

can you retest with Gpg4win 3.0.1, we have fixed a number of defects
including some that will have the effects you have been reporting!

Thanks again for reporting!
Best Regards,

Hi Luis,

thanks for your observations!

We will see if this helps us the reproduce the remaining issues.
As there are several possible causes why Gpg4win may not decrypt
a received message, I guess we should try to open new discussion threads
that are more specific. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


this sounds like a problem we have already reported in the Issue tracker ( ) it appears that GpgOL might not detect some Inline PGP Mails.

There are some valuable hints there (linebreak etc) in this issue which might help to reproduce the problem. We have this on high priority and want to fix it / make it more robust for the next release.


I did some experiments with HTML Mails, Leading Text, Trailing Text etc. Everything worked fine for me.
If you could attach a problematic mail (saved with Save As in outlook or better yet with another client as an .mbox file) it might help me to see the problem. I don’t have to be able to decrypt that message.


One user sent me mails through which I could reproduce and fix the problem (see )

An updated gpgol.dll (at least 2.0.4-beta13) is available under

Thanks for your patience and if you still experience problems with that version please let us know. Outlook always has some surprises in store :wink: