Window 7: GPG4win 2.2.4 automatically decrypts without prompt for a password

Windows 7, GPG4Win 2.2.4

When I choose encrypt, it automatically encrypts with my pass phrase. Good.

But when I decrypt, GPG4win automatically decrypts without asking for a password. Not good.

How do I force GPG4win to always ask for a password when it decrypts?


Hi Noushin,
if you are using asymmetric encryption (the default),
you are encrypting to a public certificate, so there is no passphrase needed.

If you decrypt the serect part of the certificate has to be unlocked
by your passphrase.

With gpg4win, the gpg-agent will cache you passphrase for some time. You can change this as a setting.



Many thanks! Changed cached PIN expiry time to 120 seconds.