Use of gnupg ver 2.3.3


Very simple question: Can I use gnupg v 2.3.3 (newer) in step of v 2.2.32 in gpg4win?



Hi Josep,
yes, see

If you want to try the new GnuPG 2.3 series, you can. Version 2.3.3
has the fix as well.

There are some difference, of course, this is what 2.3.x is about. :slight_smile:
But it is fine to install and try the same way as 2.2.32.

Best Regards,


Can you explain the differences in GnuPG 2.2.33 LTS (that is the latest one I saw) and GnuPG 2.3.3 and it’s inter-working with GPG4Win.

I understand these are two different branches of GnuPG. I would think 2.3.3 is newer but that is not the case as 2.2.33 LTS has a later release date.

Which is the better/preferred branch to use with GPG4Win?


Hi Mark,

2.3.x versions are the modern line of GnuPG, this versions have more features.
Use it, if you need any or want to try some of the new features.

See the top news link from

2.2.x are the long term support versions, which are rock solid.

Both are fine to use, the optimal choice depends on your requirements,
see my hints above. When it doubt use the LTS version for now.

Best Regards,