Unknown OpenGPG Type

First attempt at using GPG4WIN. Created key pair. Sent public key to client. Client created a .txt file and encrypted it. Client pushed the file to an ftp site. I pulled the file from the ftp site to my local machine. Opened the file and attempted to decrypt it with WinPT. Got the error message “Unknown OpenGPG Type”. What causes this? Will GPG4WIN function correctly this way (i.e. not with e-mail message but with a text file)?


If you transfer files via FTP, please do not forget to set the TYPE mask first, because this is a binary file, and FTP (in default settings) transfers the files as text files. Or you can encrypt the file with the -a switch (I think it means ‘Text output (ASCII Armor)’.


I get the same error message when I send an encypted email to my dad who is using GPG4Win. I use PGPDesktop 9.6 and he is using latest GPG4Win. We were testing operability between the two. GPG4win can send me an encrypted email and PGP Desktop automatically decrypts. I send one back and he can’t open it…instead he gets the Unknown Open PGP error.

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