Totally stumped

New user to Gpg4win. Installed on Win 7 x64.

I can create an Open PGP key pair successfully, so Klopatra informs me. However, it does not appear listed in the main Klopatra window and trying to export it fails as it does not exist. I have been through this many times tonight without making any progress.

How can I get around this?



Did you follow the procedure in the Gpg4win-compendium-en.pdf as specified in chapter 7 starting at page 41 ?

Yes, to the letter each time, honest. I would always arrive at the box that is on page 48 indicating success. The export would fail with a ‘no file’ error and Kleopatra would be empty. Then (damn computers) I do not know what I did or what happened, but all the test key-pairs were visible.

Go figure LOL. I have now managed to back up my key and export it to a public server. I have also sent my first encrypted message too.

I had some initial difficulty when encrypting as my default email appeared in one of the ‘to’ fields (as in the box of page 84 in the manual) and not the email address that I have used for the key or sending the email (which is a non-default address). Using Outlook 2010 32 bit.


OK - I use Gpg4win with Windows 7 x64 and I find Kleopatra very slow. When I launch it, I usually have to wait 5 minutes to display my keys. If I make a new key, again it can take a long time to be displayed.

With Gpg4win, there is another GUI, the GPA. It is not as glamorous looking as Kleopatra but it generally responds faster to changes - at least on my system.

I can’t comment on Outlook. I have been using Thunderbird for emails for years and I find it works well with gpg4win if you use the Enigmail plugin.

Thanks for the help and advice. How do I launch GPA? I have looked in the Gpg folders but cannot find anything.

Thanks for the tip about Thunderbird too.

Really appreciate your input.



On Windows 7, click on the start button (bottom left of screen, usually).
Click on ‘all programmes’

scroll up/down to find the Gpg4win entry and click on that.

You should then see four entries :

That should work - if your 7 installation is a standard one.

Otherwise : C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpa.exe

Thanks Philip. A reinstall later and al is present and correct.