Sylpheed claws 2.4.0 discussion

I upgraded today to sylpheed 2.4.0.

The old sourceforge website ( “Claws Mail for Win32 is available as part of the gpg4win package. Although the port isn’t complete yet, it is much better than the previous, GTK±1.2 based port.”

Well my experience differs a bit:

After fiddeling around a bit with the new “accountrc” I got my prededined accounts back but:
I cannot get IMAP to work.
“SSL is not supported with this build of sylpheed-claws”

Well, what exactly is “much better” in this release?

Did I make mistakes or is downgrading the only solution for me? I was using version 1.0.4 before - it has had the missing features…

Or is there maybe a better forum for asking my question?

Thank you all a lot,


Hm, it should not exactly be surprising if
a release labeled incomplete turns out to be incomplete.

IMAP and SSL is not working yet for the
the W32 port of Gpg4win.

In fact when Gpg4win started, there was no
maintained Claws port to Windows anymore.

Maybe that is why they made this statement
on their web site.

However, it is planned to have IMAP and SSL
added to Sylpheed on W32. So far it is voluntary
work and needs spare time of some developers.
This makes the progress currently a bit slow.

If we are lucky we can see 2.6 + IMAP in a new release of Gpg4win next month.
I am not so sure about SSL, because actually
Claws needs first ported to use GNUTLS
instead of OpenSSL.


If we are lucky we can see 2.6 + IMAP in a new release of Gpg4win next month.


also with a working nntp-part?


honestly I don’t know whether nntp will
get fixed. Probably depends on complexity
of the fix and available spare time of the

Well it is surprising for me - as a user - because the version I used to use before is able to do all this (IMAP and SSL).

So I’m afraid, I have to do the downgrade to version 1.0.4.

But I subscribed the gpg4win announcement list and am looking forward to new versions and features.

Thanks for your answers,