Support of ECDSA smart cards in Gpg4win

Please advise which Application (openpgp, p15, etc) shall be choosen in the GPA to work with ECDSA keys in a smart card?
I read that scdaemon has already supported SmartCard-HSM but, unfortunatelly, I could not find how to configure GPA for it.

Hi Kostiantyn,

you would need a “modern” GnuPG variant (2.1.x) that has support for elliptic curve cryptography. Gpg4win 2.2.5 still uses the “stable” version of GnuPG (2.0.28) that
does not come with this support. So I am not sure GPA on Windows is ready
for it.

You are welcome to try and combine both, flex your “development” skills. :wink:
Best ask on the gpg4win-devel mailinglist then.

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