Signing fails for first message


I have gpg4win-lite-2.0.1 installed under Windows XP SP3 and use Claws Mail in an Administrator level account.

I find, when I sign e-mails, the first message I sign results in an error when clicking Send in Claws Mail.

An error dialog is presented indicating that signing failed due to a bad passphrase (which is odd because no passphrase was prompted for).

Simply clearing the error dialog and clicking Send again causes the passphrase to be prompted for by pinentry.exe and the e-mail is successfully sent.

Curiously, if I encrypt and sign e-mail the passphrase is prompted for and the e-mail is sent on the first attempt.

Is this possibly due to a signing-only operation not causing gpg-agent to be started until after the error dialog or send operation is attempted?

It is not a big issue to clear the error dialog and resubmit the first signed e-mail but it would be nice to have it fixed and be consistent with encryption and sigining.

Neil Darlow