revocation certificate

Hi all, I am searching the way to create a revocation certificate to be able to publish my public key to a public key server. How can I do this using gpg4win/Kleopatra?

Have had no luck finding any function available through the Kleopatra 2.1.0 GUI to accomplish this. You will need to get a command prompt going and use gpg.exe with command-line parameters as follows (:

gpg.exe --output desired_filename.asc --gen-revoke “Your Certificate Username”

For myself, this would be:

gpg.exe --output RolvRHauge-rev.asc --gen-revoke “Rolv R. Hauge”

On Win7/Vista, the output file ends up in C:\Users<you>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG

Hope this helps.

  • Rolv

hope there will be a integration in kleopatra or gpa soon.

As kleopatra asks for a revocation certificate before publishing to a key-server, it should be possible to create it there too.

Rolv Hauge is right about this, try it. One difference is that I found my revocation key in my user folder.