pinetry.exe doesn't get input


I have got a problem with the gpg4win version 2.0.1 and Windows Vista. I am using a limited user account. Each time I want to encrypt/decrypt something and the GPG runs the pinentry.exe, if I try to write the Passphrase, the dialog is not receiving the input.

I have installed it in a Windows XP computer, and when the pinentry.exe asks me for Passphrase, it shows **************, but in Windows Vista nothing is shown, so it is catching the keyboard, but the “Enter” key works, and the buttons “Cancel” and “OK” as well.

Can you help with this issue?

Best regards,

Sorry, wrong version. I am using 2.0.12

me too, I tried 2.01 and 2.02 rc2
Is this bug? How to sovle it?