Outlook Plugin - Advanced Configuration

Hi all,

I installed the outlook plugin from latest gpg4win release (0.80). During the installation the advanced settings were not supplied. I remembered from a previous equipement forum discussion that there has to be a winpt entry with the --kemanager option (unfortunately this must be entered with regedit, beause from within the Option->GnuPG->Erweitert isdoesn’t work).

Can someone supply what has to be entered in both input fields (Dateiname zur Schlüsselverwaltung und Debugausgabe (zur Problemanalyse)).


Whoch version of Outlook do you have (including the patchlevel)?

I’m running Outlook 2003 version 11.5806.5606.

Not sure about this number, but it should
say that it is Outlook 2003 SP2.
SP2 is important, because serious bugs
are fixed with this release.

In fact, gpg4win should have warned
about an older release during installation,
didn’t it?

This is the GA realeas of Outlook without any SP.
As far as I remember there was a message that gpg4win could be installed over a previous version.
I just installed the outlook plugin, because gnupg, winpt have been already installed from gnupt (equipement.de). And there was no entry in the fields mentioned above.

I remeber that I hit the same problem in a previous version, but the outlook plugin forum has been removed from that site (including the solution).

Actually I entered the Winpt path with the --keymanager option using regedit.

Hope this helps.

However, you need to have SP2 of Outlook 2003
in order to use GPGol properly. Earlier
versions of Outlook are simply too buggy.

I installed gpgol again after installing sp2. The mentioned option isn’t set during installtion process. I assume it’s because WinPT has already been installed (using www.equipement.de installer) and there I didn’t select it during installation.
Furthermore I’ve installed the plugin (and only this) on 2 different machines running XP Sp2, Outlook Sp2 (german versions all). On one machine I got the german installation (which works fine), on the other one an english (why soever). In addition the english version shows another advanced dialog (no debug info to be entered). Every attempt to decrypt a message fails (nothing happens).
Checking the registry there is a Lang=de key in HKCU\Software\GNU\GNUPG.

I’ve no idea why I got the english version and why I can’t decrypt a message on that box.

While GnuPT and gpg4win can coexist, note that
they are separate. A mixed use may cause
various strange things.

On a clean system with only gpg4win installed
I can not reproduce what you describe.

I fixed the language problem. It’s due to an environment variable (LC_ALL) that is taken into consideration when defined. I unset the variable, startet Outlook and I got the german dialogs.
What’s remaining is that the plugin still doesn’t decryt the message (can be done with WinPT using the clipboard). Is there a debug version or are there any trace flags to get more infos?

Thanks for your mails.

In Extras → Options → GnuPG Tab
is a button “Extended” (or similar)
where you will find a path to a log-file.

Hope this helps.

I enabled debugging and the message is being decrypted (according to the debug log), but the Outlook window is not updated. I also ran the same test on machine where decyrption succeeds.

I am sorry but I am clueless on what
is going on on your system.

For deeper analysis probably only the developers
of GPGol may help.
Perhaps try the developer mailing list.

Thanks for your replies. I’ll contact one of the developers.