Original Filename and attachment1.pgp

I have a problem with a customer and with the attachments of him.
I’m using Outlook 2003 SP 2 (newest updates are installed) with the GPOL Plugin from WinPT 1.2.0.

The customer enrypts the data with a crypt gateway that uses PGP Universal 2.6.2.
If there is an attachment, it has always the name attachment1.pgp (attachment2.pgp, attachment3.pgp etc…).
The Body of the e-mail is enrypted and I’m able to decrypt it with the Outlook plugin.
The attachment can be decrypted to - but I don’t know the original filename.
I can display the filename with gpg.exe -v, but it will always decrypted as “attachment1” without dataname.dataending (for example test.pdf is always attachment1.pgp encrypted and decrypted attachment and not test.pdf).

What can I do now?

If I use the FileExplorer Plugin to decrypt the file, it is the same. After decrypting “attachmen1.pgp” I have “attachment1” without Dataending.

It will be very nice to get help, else I have to buy PGP Desktop or something like that.
Thank you

was this ever resolved?

Hi Nicolas,

No this is not resolved. As far as i know, there are no informations about the Mimetype in the attachment itself, therefore the *.pgp files will be decrypted to the name *. So the test.pdf.pgp will be decrypted to test.pdf. Encryption works vice versa.