OpenPGP Card Not Being Recognized

I recently purchased an OpenPGP Card which is being used with a Gemalto usb reader. However, after running GNU Privacy Assistant, the card manager says “Error accessing the card.” I then tried Thunderbird’s smartcard manager and get the following error:

gpg: CreateProcess failed: The system cannot find the file specified.

gpg: DBG: starting `C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpg-agent.exe’ for testing failed: General error
gpg: can’t connect to the agent: Input/output error
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: No agent running

I even tried installing the proper Windows driver for the card, and while Windows began to recognize the device, I am still having the same problem.

Hi Max,
can you first state which version of gpg4win you have installed? It should be the latest one. The gpg-agent should be startable. If it isn’t, then your problem may not be the OpenPGP card itself. One analysis step you may do is: Try to start gpg-agent.exe manually to see what it says on the

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Hi Bernhard,

Thank you for your response. After much trial and error, I finally got the card to work. Unfortunately, there is no identifiable problem I can locate. After having no luck on my PC, I tried to see if the card would be recognized with other operating systems. First, I tried both a TAILS live cd and usb, but with the same results. The same thing happened with an Ubuntu live usb. I then tried the preceding steps on a different PC, with the same results.

Fianally, I installed gpg4win on the other PC, and, voila it worked. ,that I then reinstalled gpg4win on the first pc, and once again, the card was recognized.

These events lead me to believe that it was neither the program nor the card itself, but the usb reader, because in addition, I the same error popped up again, but it was solved after removing and re-inserting the reader several times in different ports. Overall, the two errors I got were:
“Error accessing the card”
“This card application is not yet supported”

The latter usually resolved after re-insertion, quickly, the former, usually taking much longer.

Thank you again for your help and I would appreciate any suggestions on what the problem could have been for future readers of the thread.


thanks for the report, it may be helpful in the future!

So far I do not have a good idea about what was wrong on your side. If you are right and it was a hardware failure,: it is always hard to predict how hardware fails.


I have installed gpg4win 2.2.3 and want to test SafeNet smart cards.
I am getting following error, “this card application is not yet supported”

Have reinserted the card many a times.
What settings do we need to support third party smart cards???

Please help me on this.

Hi Deepak,

not all Smartcards are being supported by GnuPG (the crypto engine within Gpg4win).
A next place to ask is the gnupg-users oder gnupg-devel List.