Newby Questions.

Can I bother the group for some hints about some questions, please?

  1. Any idea why I can’t paste my passphrase into WinPT when I copy same out of an Excel Spreadsheet? It will take it fine if I key it in manually, but if I cut from Excel, I can’t paste into PT. I can paste into GPA just fine. This is a problem because I also can’t paste a passphrase into the Eudora plug in to encrypt an email.

  2. When I use GPGee, and tell it to encrypt a file in a Windows directory, it doesn’t show any keys, even though WintPT has created a private key. I manually created a public key by exporting my public key, and stored it in the same directory as the keyrings in GPG. If I tell GPGee to sign and encrypt, it sees the key for signing, but not for encrypting.


Well, I figured out the second question. If you move the public and private key rings to a new directory, GPG creates a gpg.conf file that GPGee needs to find. You need to go into the GPGee configuration window, and point GPGee to the new location for the public and private key rings, and ALSO the conf file that is probably in the same directory.