Kleopatra takes hours to display certificates

I waited hours to see certificates list, why?
Moreover it is quite difficult to exit kleopatra, it hangs and cannot quit.

Thanks, many thanks.

Hi Dan,
because of your other message: Did you manage to install Gpg4win correctly?

Kleo uses dirmngr to fetch revocation information, e.g. a certificate revocation lists (crls)
for the x.509 certificates you have in there. Some crls providers have long lists
and are slow to deliver. If you can, try gpgsm on the command line.
Are you dealing with x.509 certificates? Could you share some of them that are causing trouble?


Thanks for answering, yes indeed I added 2 x.509 certificates and I’ve read that it takes long to check, so I removed the option “check validity” since those certificates are mine. Now kleopatra load quickly.

Another question, is it possible encrypt a file using x.509? I’m asking since it says: “unusable public key”.