Kleopatra and AppData redirected

Hello everybody,

Does kleopatra works fine if the windows 7 user profile ( appdata) is redirected.

Thanks in advance.


It should work fine. Please let us know if you encounter Problems with it.

It seems to be the case,

i have two different profiles and with the profile who has the appdata redirected i receive an error message when i click “settings/config kleopatra”

error: backend error:gpgconf does not seems to know the entry for gpg/keyserver/keyserver


Interesting but this sounds more like a GnuPG problem With the user that has the redirection enabled. Can you run / post the output of “gpgconf --list-options gpg” please?

Also please point me to some documentation how you’ve redirected the folder? I’d like to check If I can reproduce this.

Hello, thanks for your answer!

here some info about redirect folders in windows : https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732275.aspx

here the output of your command:

Monitor:1:0:Options controlling the diagnostic output:0:0::::
quiet:0:0:be somewhat more quiet:0:0::::
Configuration:1:0:Options controlling the configuration:0:0::::
default-key:0:0:use NAME as default secret key:1:1:NAME:::
encrypt-to:0:0:encrypt to user ID NAME as well:1:1:NAME:::
group:4:1:set up email aliases:37:1:SPEC:::
Debug:1:1:Options useful for debugging:0:0::::
debug-level:18:1:set the debugging level to LEVEL:1:1:LEVEL:"none::
log-file:0:1:write server mode logs to FILE:32:1:FILE:::
Keyserver:1:0:Configuration for Keyservers:0:0::::
keyserver:0:0:use keyserver at URL:1:1:URL:::"hkp%3a//keys.gnupg.net
auto-key-locate:0:1:use MECHANISMS to locate keys by mail address:1:1:MECHANISMS:::

Forgot to mention that our redirection is like: